Dr. Gigi Abdel-Samed, MD, MBA, FACEP

Soul Surgeon


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Soul surgeon and healer extra-ordinaire

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Before I met Gigi… I felt like something was off, like I wasn’t quite myself in my business or relationship. [Working with Gigi] shifted my awareness and I began questioning un-thought of assumptions…. Now the energy and inspiration comes from an increasingly authentic place. Gigi will help you reflect and expand in a way that is unique and powerful. I still use what I learned to this day and that is a limitless value.
Jeff Soucie   CEO Miss Lina Crepe Cakes

Jeff Soucie

CEO Miss Lina Crepe Cakes

Before we met I was having a lot of anxiety around my finances. You asked me some questions regarding my feelings toward money which led to realizations.
You were very open and compassionate while still asking me the tough questions.
I have made some big changes in my life very recently that will allow me to regain my footing and to fulfill all my financial obligations. I’m starting a new chapter in my life and a big part of it is because of this. I would tell anyone thinking of hiring you that you were absolutely the one to see.
Fiona Rajan

Fiona Rajan

Gigi is the perfect balance of a powerful coach and a deeply loving person whose embodiment of both of these creates a most unique presence.
I was at a major breaking point in my life when I met Gigi. She provided a safe and gentle space for me to be vulnerable in sorting through my obstacles.
She will help you access unseen parts of yourself that will be critical on your path to healing, truth, and empowerment. She became a beautiful mentor for me by her example of unshakeable values and dedication to her passions. I am grateful to know her.
Serena Deeb   WWE Coach and Yoga Instructor

Serena Deeb

WWE Coach and Yoga Instructor

My life was complicated before I met Gigi. My actions weren’t in line with my words.
Life hasn’t gotten any less complicated since I worked with Gigi, but it has become connected. Connected to family, to friends, to my own heart.

Thank you Gigi. My time with you was deep and impactful. What an impact those three words had. Your words led me to a place that created a pure connection to objective truth. I’m grateful for these priceless gifts, and the impact you’re having on our planet.
John Carey   Co-Creator, Ova Nova

John Carey

Co-Creator, Ova Nova

I was in a very strange place before we met. I was getting by, but I was not addressing the holes I was suffering in my heart and soul.
You are an excellent coach. You allowed for the session to grow and lead where it needed to go. You allowed me to think clearly and feel what I had suppressed for a long time. Thank you.
Cynthia Barragan   RN

Cynthia Barragan


I had been dealing with some emotions and anger issues, particularly over the last few years in my communication and relationships. Dr. Gigi was able to take me to the core of my pain. Since our session, so much has shifted. I have greater awareness of the real pain underneath the anger, and am shifting my relationships.

I highly recommend Dr. Gigi as a transformational coach. She draws on a vast wealth of knowledge from several modalities, and decades of healing people inside and out. She wields a caring intellect with the precision of a scalpel. With laser like focus, she can help support you being your highest and best self llike no other teacher/counselor/coach/mentor you have met. You will be eternally grateful you did.
Wes Campbell   CEO Nucleus Environmental

Wes Campbell

CEO Nucleus Environmental