Dr. Gigi is a powerful, passionate, dynamic speaker, women’s advocate, transformational coach and an ER doctor of 24 years.


Her signature talk ‘3 Lies About Burnout and the most Important Thing You Need to Do to Reclaim Your Passion in medicine’ is a powerful call to physicians. It empowers them to reclaim medicine from the inside out.

Other topics include:

  • The gift of being a woman in medicine

  • 3 ways perfectionism is ruining your career… and how to stop sabotaging yourself.

  • Stop feeling like an imposter – and own your power/magnificence

  • High Patient satisfaction scores without sacrificing yourself – it is possible

  • The 5 biggest mistakes I made during my medical career – I can save you $70,000 and 5 wasted years

Whether it is a keynote address, or a talk, Dr. Gigi is adept at creating unique experiences that will take the group through a paradigm shift, a return to self, and delivers practical tools with long-lasting transformational breakthroughs.