My Philosophy

I am not your typical coach.  I believe that if you knew how to create the life you desire, you already would have.  You don’t need just another person holding you accountable. My belief is that we are all already whole and complete.  What I do in my coaching is help you find all of the beliefs, thoughts and patterns that are keeping you from creating that life.  I am a soul surgeon.  I diagnose the hidden patterns causing dis-ease and frustration. These are the programs that have, subconsciously, been running your life and holding you back.  I then create a personalized treatment program, and prescribe a regimen to heal the true issues.  Once addressed, your energy is freed up, your whole life changes, and true healing happens.

You are my client if:

  • You are ready to reclaim your energy and vitality

  • You are ready to feel respected, heard, valued and to KNOW that you matter

  • You are ready to own your power and you’re done with feeling not good enough

  • You are ready to prioritize yourself the way you have always done for everyone else

  • You are ready to access unshakeable self-confidence and self-acceptance

The Details

  1. Initial ConsultatioN

    Once we agree to work together, you will receive an extensive questionnaire.  This allows me to get to know you. These questions are meant to set the foundation for our work together, planting the seeds for transformation, and creating a springboard for growth.

  2. Examination and Diagnosis

    During this phase, I meet with you for an in person 2 hour consultation and I extract information to diagnose the deeper issues. Those patterns that are holding you back from success and fulfillment.  Those things that are draining your energy. During this time, we will discuss your three main goals for our work together.   I will learn all about your life, listening even more deeply.  Based on this 2 hour interview, I accurately diagnose the core issues and create a personalized, treatment plan for our month together. Due to the confidentiality and depths of this work, this consultation must be in person. Non-negotiable.

  3. Soul SurgerY

    Using precision transformational techniques, the deep work begins.    Those patterns and behaviors that are no longer working must first be addressed. Your life begins to change with this half-day in-person intensive.  Using cutting edge techniques, and deep presence, I cut away the unconscious ties that bound you.  This half day ‘soul surgery’ will catapult you forward towards the life you envision.  For those from out of country, arrangements can be made to schedule your consultation and soul surgery within a 72 hour window to minimize travel.

  4. Customized Treatment Plan

    We work together twice a week.  This is via zoom or phone sessions, with homework to support growth and change between sessions.  Sessions are 40 to 45 minutes.

  5. Final SessioN

    Our time together culminates with your final session.  This is an integration of the entire five to six-week process, to allow things to sink in and make sure you are supported moving forward.

1 on 1 coaching with me is for those who are ready to make a change. My coaching is for those who are committed and ready to go to the next level. If you are ready to take the next step and work with me.

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